An information and support site for e-mail groups that encourage gay, lesbian,
bi, and not-sure high school students to communicate with one another on a
at-home level.
We all spend time on the Internet.   We have cyber friends all over
the world. That lets us know we’re not alone, as gay, lesbian, bi, or
not-sure teens, and that's good.  But,
we need local contacts, too.

Unless they’re out, you probably don’t know, yet, who most of the
gay students are in your school, since only about 20% or less of
gays "act gay".

Our purpose is to encourage communication on a school-by-school
basis. Get to know the gay, lesbian, bi, and not-sure kids in your
own school.
Bring it home. Spend some e-mail, IM, and chat time
with your peers right there in your locality.  Learn that
it's okay to
be you
on your own turf.

On this site we share what we’ve learned from starting and leading
our own e-mail group, which we call askusnow2003, and from
helping other groups get underway.  If your school doesn’t have a
group like ours, we hope you’ll start one.
Welcome to...  The Mail Crew
We also provide links to useful sites and stories, and files of some stories that we think
are the best of the best.

The social networking, RPG, video clip, and virtual world sites can be useful and
entertaining, but also addictive and isolating.

Now, let’s get busy at home, in our own schools, and build acceptance and
understanding -- of ourselves and of one another. Let’s encourage gay-gay and gay-
straight friendships that have real substance and meaning.  Let's get to know and love
our not-straight brothers and sisters... at home, in our own schools.